Profumeria Dragone

All the power of Double Serum ... now, for your eyes! A double anti-aging formula for the eye contour area in perfect bio-affinity with the skin of this area of ​​the face, thanks to 13 powerful plant extracts, including the effective combination of organic wild chervil and turmeric. A complete serum with 96% of ingredients of natural origin, for visible efficacy on all signs of aging: smoothes wrinkles, visibly reduces bags and dark circles and strengthens and protects the skin around the eyes. The look will shine with youth instantly. The secret of Double Serum Eye: the fortifying organic wild chervil extract is associated with the main ingredient of Double Serum, turmeric, for a double complementary action on the 5 vital functions of the skin around the eyes. Take an adequate amount of product using the roller dispenser. Blend the two phases of the formula and heat the product with your fingertips, then apply it with light pressure on the lower and upper eyelids, from the inner corner of the eyes to the temples and finally between the eyebrows, applying light draining pressures.

20 ml Flacon

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Clarins Double Serum Eye Traitement Yeux Anti Age Intensif 20 ml

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