Profumeria Dragone

The Boss man was born for success, he is competitive, energetic and ambitious: his daily rituals are closely linked to his pursuit of success and Boss Bottled is a fundamental part of the armor he wears every day. The perfume is part of his daily ritual, the touch that gives completeness and meaning to all his movements. Getting ready to go out means for him to go to meet success, collect the compliments and admiration of others, even for how fragrant it is. His fragrance speaks of him, he represents it, he remembers it. The perfume is the touch that completes. BOSS BOTTLED becomes a fundamental element of his armor every day to face his day. BOSS BOTTLED. it is an oriental fougere fragarnza. Its fresh top notes include apple, lemon and cinnamon and are balanced in the heart notes with a warm and spicy geranium, clove and musky notes. in the final notes cedar, sandalwood, vetiver and olive tree create a strongly masculine and sensual background.

Eau de Toilette
200 ml Vaporisateur

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Hugo Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette 200 ml

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