Profumeria Dragone

Practical for travel, or an original vintage gift, 100g soap packaged in an illustrated metal box. Our soap, handcrafted in Provence, is made from 100% vegetable oils. It is enriched with shea butter, to bring great softness to the skin. An elaborate manufacturing process allows the scent to last until the end of the soap. The perfumes used come from a selection of the best perfumers of Grasse. ORANGE CINNAMON PERFUME: A comforting warmth emanates from this winter marriage of orange with cinnamon, to which tonka and musk bear witness to this perfect harmony.

100 gr Soap

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Le Blanc Savon Cannelle Orange Boîte Métal 100 gr

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Le Blanc Savon Notre dame de Paris Boîte Métal 100 gr