Profumeria Dragone

For those who dream big. A new generation of women. Strong, Schiette, Empowered. For the leaders of tomorrow, who challenge their limits by opening up new horizons. For the new idols, which open the way for others. State that your time is now. The ingredients: 1. Four varieties of Rose in the heart of the fragrance, the most noble and iconic ingredient in perfumery: the Rose. Four varieties of Rose, three types of extractions, two geographical origins ... come together to form the Rosa Idôle, for a radiant, ultra-natural, unpublished fragrance. 2. Jasmine Jasmine is one of the finest flowers used in perfumery. The infusion of Jasmine Grandiflorum Indian and Jasmine of Sambac give Idôle a modern touch, revealing an almost creamy, clean and intense softness. Jasmine sweetens the fleshy facets of the rose to bring out the luminous appearance of the fragrance. 3. The Clean Chypre Accord Through the abundance of fresh and radiant petals, a chypre sophistication emerges in the background. A Clean Chypre created thanks to a combination of different types of moss. Patchouli and other mosses have been meticulously selected to make the sophisticated fragrance timeless.

Eau de Parfum

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Lancome Idole Le Parfum 100 ml

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