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With Roman roots, Valentino Beauty is a cool color and couture brand VOCE VIVA VALENTINO draws a parallel between voice and perfume. Like a voice, a fragrance is personal, intimate and leaves a mark. Thus, this fragrance envelops you with a floral bouquet of jasmine and orange, made absolutely irresistible by an unexpected accord of crystal musk. Voce Viva is a hymn to the voice of every woman: my voice, my strength. VOCE VIVA eau de parfum enhances the infinite facets of Valentino's femininity:
- COLOR NOTE: a lively and sparkling opening of Italian Bergamot, sweetened by a sweet and juicy mandarin.
- NOTE COUTURE: an opulent bouquet of orange blossom absolute and a golden gardenia accord.
- COOL NOTE: an unexpected crystal musk gives a contemporary intensity to the fragrance, made irresistible by an enveloping vanilla infusion.
The bottle conveys and enhances the values ​​of the Maison Valentino and the characterizing femininity of VOCE VIVA. The elegant glass design allows the light to immerse and reflect itself in the gold-colored fragrance, bringing out a V of light. Squared on the sides, it adapts perfectly to the grip of your hand. The emblematic Valentino Rockstud highlights the cap, symbol of a modern and edgy personality. A vibrant red distinguishes this timeless bottle. The story of VOCE VIVA began with a simple question: what if a perfume could evoke not only the sense of smell? Imagined as a voice to spread a message around the world, Valentino Voce Viva invites everyone to touch hearts, inspire others and live their dreams. Voce Viva celebrates one of a woman's most intimate senses and expresses the Maison's values ​​of inclusiveness and individuality. Voice of a generation, Lady Gaga has inspired millions of people around the world for more than a decade and is the ambassador of VOCE VIVA. With Valentino, the singer shares more of her Italian origins. In fact, he shares the same ideals as Valentino, inviting everyone to find their place in the world.

Eau de Parfum
100 ml Vapo

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Valentino Voce Viva Eau de Parfum 100 ml

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