Profumeria Dragone

Dive into the bright, mysterious and enveloping universe of Alien.
Discover new ways to release the positive energy of your fragrance which, together with its iconic bottle, is paired with the scented brush and body lotion. The rich and seductive notes of the Alien fragrance reflect the feminine strength: the powerful note of jasmine is combined with amber and woody notes, to be worn as a true talisman. A truly irresistible box. The iconic bottle can be refilled endless times at the MUGLER fountain or with bottle refills, so you can enjoy your favorite fragrance as much as you want.
This women's box contains:
- A refillable Alien Eau de Parfum 30 ml
- A 7 ml Alien Perfumed Brush *
- A 50ml Alien body lotion
* When using the Scented Brush for the first time, click up to 30 times to dip the brush into the fragrance. "

Eau de Parfum
30 ml Vaporisateur

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Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum 30 ml Ressourcables Basic Set

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