Profumeria Dragone

A concentrate of well-being! A concentrated detergent treatment that is activated with the warmth of a bath or a hot shower, releasing aromas of basil, chamomile and melangolo, with a soothing action. Relax your tired muscles from a stressful day thanks to a relaxing mix of hypericum, linden and valerian extracts. Its delicate foam is also indicated for the most sensitive skin. To enjoy a professional treatment in the comfort of your home, apply Huile "Relax" afterwards.
How to use: for the bath pour a small amount of product into the tank and let the water go down to a maximum temperature of 37 ° C. First of all, breathe the beneficial aromatic vapors. For the shower: use the product on a sponge.

Linea Bagno
200 ml Flacon

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Clarins Bain Relax Aux Plantes 200 ml

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