Profumeria Dragone

It stimulates the body and spirit. The fine and velvety foam cleanses the skin very gently and helps to tone the tissues, revitalizing.
For the bath: Pour a small amount of product in the tank and bring down the water at a maximum temperature of 37 ° C.For First, rub with foam, breathing the benefits of aromatic vapors. For the shower: use the product on a sponge.
  - Aromatic essential oils (rosewood, geranium, peppermint, rosemary): scent, tone up and bring a pleasant feeling of well-being, - based vegetable cleanser (Coconut): cleanses the skin, ensuring and maintaining the well-being, - extracts juniper, lemon balm, pine bud, St. John's wort, arnica, gentian, witch hazel: tone up, stimulate the cutaneous exchanges, - descaling agent.

Linea Bagno
200 ml Flacon

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Clarins Bain Tonic Aux Plantes 200 ml

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